Erin Go Barf – St. Louis Comedy Roundup 3/14-3/19

St. Louis Comedy

We’re in the run-up to that fateful day where green beer and pissing as close to a parade as possible without people knowing becomes commonplace in our fine city. It’s that weekend where calls from drunken exes and your friend Shelly, you know the one, happen in the afternoon instead of the dead at night where they should be. Of course, now you can experience a surge – a surge in Uber pricing!

Before all that happens, get ready for the weekend and have a laugh with the great St. Louis comedy shows happening this week.  Be entertained and don’t forget to wear green!

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Take a Second to Be the Third to March Fourth: Shows 3/3-3/4/17

It’s a dumb pun, but it correctly expresses our desire for you to see a live comedy show this weekend.  Starting tonight.  There are so many choices, you might have an anxiety attack.  You know, that feeling when you’re presented with so many choices that your chest tightens and your vision starts to tunnel?  Your breathing speeds up and gets shallow.  Your body temperature increases.  You feel like you’re going to faint.

Then you remember, it’s just comedy.  No one’s going to die if you don’t choose their show. So pick the one closest to you. Or the one your friends will be at.  Or throw a dart at your computer monitor and see where it puts you.

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Kumite: We Are Live “Target Practice”

Tonight and tomorrow, the fine folks at We Are Live! bring “Target Practice” to the Nano Pub at Southtown Pub. The event promises to be an exciting showdown between a number of local comics, roast battle style. Spread over the course of two nights, comics go head to head riffing on different subjects and videos, while being judged by the esteemed panel of miscreants. All of this culminates in a final roast battle between the two finalists, that promises to be viscious, brutal, and hilarious.

A few tickets remain for the event. Get yours now.

St. Louis Comedy Profile: Matt Barnes

There’s a great comedy scene in Springfield, Missouri and their comics are no strangers to the stages of St. Louis.  In a few cases, we’ve managed to steal some of these delightful people. Among them is Matt Barnes. Matt performs regularly on the local showcases at Helium Comedy and at the various indie shows. He’s never played basketball for the Golden State Warriors. Continue reading “St. Louis Comedy Profile: Matt Barnes”