8/29/16 – Monday Night Laughs

We know it’s Monday, but that’s no reason to stay home. The Heavy Anchor has a great traveling show for you tonight.

Show Name
LAFF Fest: Dan Alten & Eric Sorgel at the Heavy Anchor

Show Date & Cost
8/29 – $5

Venue / Event Link

The Heavy Anchor – https://www.facebook.com/events/1177095205681090/

Describe your show.
Some classic stand up comedy from two guys who have devoted the last 4 years of their lives to little else. They have toured and headlined shows in 12 different states, playing a combination of theaters, art spaces, basements, hippie communes, galleriers, living rooms, museums, punk houses, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and even comedy clubs! They have opened for Kyle Kinane, Gary Gulman, Dave Waite, Henry Philips, Kurt Braunholer, Stewart Huff, Derek Sheen, Dave Ross, and a handful of other comics that only comedians know.

And, they run LAFF Fest 2014, a DIY comedy label.

It’ll be Dan and Eric closing it out with Stryker Spurlock, Kenny Kinds, Amy Milton, and Ben Johnson leading the charge.

What inspired this show?
This is just day 3 of a straight 6 day run, nothing too crazy. (Although i’m typing this before embarking on this dosage of The Road, so I’m not positive what tense to put this in, and for all I know it will be something very crazy).

Basically my girlfriend went to Europe for 17 days so I booked 15 shows. If she can go see centuries old architecture, I can go fuck around in Chattanooga.

Describe your worst onstage moment.
Almost every time I invite my parents or my girlfriend to a show it goes poorly. Once on the way to a gig, Eric and I didn’t know who else was on the show and we were joking that we’d show up and it’d just be us with an MC, and that the MC wouldn’t want to do any time. Turns out not only were we correct, but the MC (who had recently quit comedy) greeted us by saying “I don’t know what happened but you’ll still get paid.” I then had to do 30 minutes in front of my mom, dad, brother, his girlfriend, my aunt, and 2 random people, or I couldn’t get that sweet sweet $80.

Another time we did a house show on a mountain for only the girl who lived there and the 3 other comics on the show, I got real high because I was smoking pot with thin mountain blood and I ended up doing an unreasonably long set for 4 people and a dog.

And last time we came through St. Louis on a tour we tried to put on a guerrilla show at the City Museum. Turns out the ‘cool kids’ don’t hang out at the City Museum at 2pm, so we just spent an hour crawling through caves looking for fun folks like a couple-a weirdos.
I always have an okay time, it’s just things don’t always work out

Describe your best onstage moment.
Eric and I got to close out Star Bar, which is a weekly show in Atlanta that is regarded as one of the best in the country. People like TJ Miller and Hannibal Burress drop in all the time, and the comics who perform there regularly are phenomenal too. We didn’t know we were closing it out when we got there and it blew my mind. It’s a packed, smokey dive bar jam packed with people who are down to watch comedy. It is the type of show you want to live at.
I also love a good house show and I do them every chance I get. We once had back to back nights of a house show with 40+ college kids in folding chairs with no one drinking, followed by one where we broke into an abandoned neighboring house and did comedy in the middle of a drug filled party. Both in cities we’d never been to. It’s an incredible feeling to kill it in the living room of someone you just met in a town you’ve never thought of going to. Opening for Kyle Kinane to a sold out hometown crowd was also pretty cool.

You have thirty seconds to convince a group of tourists to attend your show instead of going to Buffalo Wild Wings. What do you say?
I’d pretend to have a phone conversation that they would overhear: “What do you mean Hot Wings are ‘out’?”…… you say pickled eggs are the new Hot Wings?… only turds eat Hot Wings?…..you say they have pickled eggs at the Heavy Anchor?… I’ll meet you there.” I just hope to God that Bob at the Heavy Anchor pickled enough eggs.