Comedy Tonight – 8/10/16

St. Louis Comedy, August 10, 2016One of the problems a lot of comedy scenes deal with is the tension that exists between the local comedy clubs and the comics who put on DIY shows around their city.  St. Louis is lucky enough to have three clubs comics can get work in, and who aren’t antagonistic towards indy shows.  Not only that, all three have regular open mics and showcases that only feature local talent.

Tonight, both The Funny Bone and Helium have showcases with great lineups of local comics to entertain you.

The Funny Bone has a new regular showcase organized and hosted by 2016 Funny Bone Comedy Contest runner up, Max Price.  In addition to Max,  this week’s Funny Bone Showcase features Jack Shurk, Ryan Dalton, Nathan Orton, Duke Taylor and Reggie Edwards.  Show info and ticket info can be found here.

Helium St. Louis presents it’s monthly Comedy Smackdown.  This unique show actually encourages the audience to heckle the comics performing on stage, and then grades the comics on how well they respond to a heckle.  If the audience ends up defeating the comics, free passes are given out for upcoming shows.  The entire thing is refereed by Bobby Jaycox and 2016 Helium Funniest Person in St. Louis winner, Rafe Williams.  Tonight’s line up is Marquis Moore, Chris Cyr, Scott James, Charlie Winfrey, Joe Murray, Vincent Bryant, Jon Maddy and visiting comic, Dan Frigolette.  Show and ticket info here.

If you’d rather just chill in a bar and watch comics work on new material, St. Louis has two great open mics tonight.

First is Parrot’s, hosted by O’Fallon Out Loud’s Andy Hamilton.  This newer mic is quickly becoming a comics’ favorite.  The show starts at 8, with sign up at 7:30.

Later is Wild Card Wednesday Night Comedy at The Crow’s Nest, hosted by Chris Cyr and JC Sibala.  The show there starts at 10:3o with comics signing up at 10.

There’s really no reason to stay home tonight.

P.S.  Good luck to all of the St. Louis comics traveling to Peoria, IL tonight for the The Jukebox Comedy Club’s annual comedy contest. If you’re in the area, go check out the show.  This contest is always fun to watch.