Flyover Comedy Festival Performer Profile: Kelsey McClure

We’re taking a minute to show you some of the great performers who’ll be walking the boards of the stages in The Grove for Flyover Comedy Festival.

Kelsey McClure has opened for Kyle Kinane, Doug Stanhope, The Sklar Brothers and a lot of other great comics. She hopes to one day sit on Conan O’Brien’s couch. In 2015 she relocated to Chicago where she took an improv class. She has since returned to the city of grit and soul, St. Louis and is the producer of Mom Show! a Comedy Here (formerly Comedy in the Lou) venture.

What are you looking forward to most at the festival this year?

Telling jokes. I miss hosting an open mic and can’t wait to see how a mic translates to a festival audience as opposed to a bar crowd.

When/where are you performing at the festival?

Friday, Nov. 9, 6-6:30 PM @ Handlebar, Host for the Friday Flyover Open Mic

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Did you wear a costume for Halloween?

I had originally planned on blue-ing myself and going as Tobias from Arrested Development when he decided to join Blue Man Group. However, I learned a very hard lesson in latex-based paint. Read those labels kids. Over the course of the week I was Carl, a mechanic. Darla Dirt, Joe Dirt’s sister/cousin and Wendy O. Williams.

Would you rather be covered in spiders, or live in a world without tacos?

How long would I be covered in spiders? I’m just going to say spiders. I lived in London for 6-months and couldn’t find a decent taco and it was heartbreaking. Viva Mexico.

Do you even lift?

Beers. Table to mouth and only above my head to signal the bartender, four more please.

If you have a pet project, something to promote, or anything you want share, tell us here.

Giggle & Guzzle is my livelihood. It combines my passion for comedy and my affection towards beer. It’s a 90-minute show that’s setup like a beer dinner but substitutes comics for courses. The next installment is Wednesday, November 14 at Foeder Crafters of America. That’s right. A joke show in a wood-shop, watch out Portland, St. Louis is coming for you.

See Kelsey and all of the other comics joining her at Flyover Comedy Festival, November 8 – November 10 in the Grove.  Wristbands for the entire festival are on sale now.  Buy yours today!