It’s Okay to Laugh

A lot of people watch comedy. They watch stand up specials on Netflix. They watch sketch shows on YouTube. They watch a plethora of sitcoms on television. There are myriad ways to passively enjoy entertainment meant to make you laugh.

Why be passive though?

Nothing compares to a live show.  Combine the thrill of knowing anything can happen, with the escape of getting out of the house, and see a live show.  Do you like stand-up? Sketch? Improv?  You should check out a show, and there’s no better place to start than your own hometown.

St. Louis has a thriving comedy scene.  The metro area has three comedy clubs for stand-up.  It has a great resource for improv. It has people doing everything from variety shows to talk shows in bars and music clubs across the city.  Whatever your poison, we have it.

A lot of people watch comedy. It’s time they started experiencing it.