Now We Have A Machine Gun! (Shows 12/23/16)

Two nights before Holiday, and all through the scene
Three shows stand out, as the places for being
Independent comedy, outside of the clubs
Chock full of pop references and elitest intellectual snubs

Some will be weird, with content debatable
Some will be affable, fun, and relatable
Whatever your flavor, whichever your taste is
Get off of your couch and go to one of these places

Now you might be mad, that we didn’t say Christmas
But your hilarious indignation, is just why we did this

Coffee Break with Ken Warner (Foam, 3359 Jefferson, St. Louis, MO 63118)

Ken Warner is one of our very favorite people
If comedy was church, he’d climb to the steeple
And with a high powered rifle, loaded with laughs
He’d take out passersby, with his observational blasts

You could do a lot worse, than seeing this show
Here are a few names we believe, should convince you to go
(Featuring Ryan Dalton, Amy Milton, Emily Hickner, Amber Nelson, and Nick Vatterott. Show at 6:30. $5)



Contraceptive Comedy hosted by Stryker Spurlock (Shameless Grounds, 1901 Withnell, St. Louis, MO 63118)

We asked for his line up, he said “It’s a secret.”
We offered him money. He flipped us off and said “Keep It!”
So, we’ve no idea, who’s on this tonight.
But it’s always a good time, so attending seems right
(Show at 8:00, $5)




Joe Friday / Holiday Players / San Cliche’ and Twosies (Three Separate Shows at The Improv Shop, 510 N. Euclid, St. Louis, MO 63108)

Not feeling improv? Not yet believers?
Go visit the artform’s biggest over acheivers.
In the Central West End, The Improv Shop is a treasure
Three show’s they present, to tickle your pleasure.

If you find yourself there, and you’re feeling the groove
Congratulate the players, on their pending HUGE move!
(It really is three shows. Check out The Improv Shop’s Facebook page for times and covers.)