Starting tomorrow, St Louis Comedy profiles.

St. Louis is full of comedic talent.  Stand up comics, improv comics, podcast hosts, writers, and other performers keep our scene fresh and exciting.  Our goal for the rest of this summer is to start highlighting some of that talent by introducing you to the people you’ll see on local stages, the people you can hear on the air or via your internet connection, and the people who run various shows around town.  It’ll be a fun series that starts July 1st.  Make sure you check it out.

It’s Okay to Laugh

A lot of people watch comedy. They watch stand up specials on Netflix. They watch sketch shows on YouTube. They watch a plethora of sitcoms on television. There are myriad ways to passively enjoy entertainment meant to make you laugh.

Why be passive though?

Nothing compares to a live show.  Combine the thrill of knowing anything can happen, with the escape of getting out of the house, and see a live show.  Do you like stand-up? Sketch? Improv?  You should check out a show, and there’s no better place to start than your own hometown.

St. Louis has a thriving comedy scene.  The metro area has three comedy clubs for stand-up.  It has a great resource for improv. It has people doing everything from variety shows to talk shows in bars and music clubs across the city.  Whatever your poison, we have it.

A lot of people watch comedy. It’s time they started experiencing it.