St. Louis Comedy Profile: Amy Milton

st. louis stand up comedian Amy Milton

Stand up comic Amy Milton is part of the creative force behind Fatal Bus Accident, a monthly comedy talk show that features stand up, sketch comedy, videos, music, interviews, and anything else that can possibly happen on a stage.  It’s really impossible to accurately describe the show.  Go see it.

Your Name
Amy Milton

How long have you been performing stand up?
5 years

Who are your comedy influences?
My biggest comedy influence growing up was hands-down The Young Ones. I’m pretty sure nothing in comedy has ever blown my mind as hard. When I think about it, none of the comedy I’ve actively tried to emulate over the years has been stand up. I have lots of stand ups I love and admire, but not really anyone where I’ve thought, “That. I want to do that.” Is this the secret to my failure? Yes.

Describe your worst experience on stage.
My worst experience on stage, full stop, was when I was the narrator for my Latin class’s play in 9th grade. I decided I was going to do a weird voice at the last minute, which I immediately recognized as a bad call but wasn’t sure how to transition out of it. Nightmare.

My worst experience on stage doing comedy was at a bar show where the audience was so loud I couldn’t hear where I was in my own jokes.

Describe your best experience on stage.
My best stage moment is really hard, but I’d probably go with my first time doing stand-up, which is a dumb, obvious answer, but that initial rush of “Holy shit, I’m not bombing, this could be a thing” was pretty great.

We’re typing these questions up in a coffee house.  Is there anything you’d like us to tell the other people here?
“If by some fancy of fickle Fate this reaches you, know this: the vast majority of your ancestors did not love each other, and that is ok.”

Rank the following  in order of coolness.  Pirate, Ninja, Zombie, Robot.
Robot, Ninja, Pirate, Zombie

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
FATAL BUS ACCIDENT. Monthly comedy/talk/variety show. At The Heavy Anchor. Do yourself a favor and come to the next show on  July 27th. Or any and preferably all of the shows after that. It is the only good thing I’ll do before I die.