St. Louis Comedy Profile: Angela Smith

Angela Smith was recently profiled by St. Louis Magazine. You can find her performing 1/14 at the Monocle as part of Nasty Women: A Comedy Show, if you have a ticket.  The show’s sold out.  Which is a problem we think Angela’s going to have to deal with a lot in her comedy career. We see a lot of sold out crowds in her future.

Name / Stage Name
Angela Smith

How long have you been performing?
2 years

What do you do? (Stand Up / Improv / Sketch / Video / etc)
90% stand up and 10% sketch

URL / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Twitter: @angelamarie85
Instagram: angelasmithstl

Who are some of your comedic influences?
Bill Hader, Sifl & Olly, Conan O’Brien, any character from Parks and Rec, Louis CK

Tell us about your worst experience performing in front of a crowd.
First grade. I was supposed to sing “God Bless the USA” Lee Greenwood at the school talent show. We didn’t have the instrumental version. Just a Lee Greenwood tape and a dream. It was basically just me standing on stage singing with the song. Ever met a first grader that can vocally overpower national treasure Lee Greenwood? Me neither. For comedy? Oh. Any show where I haven’t had enough time to prepare. I start to visibly sweat.

Tell us about your best experience performing in front of a crowd.
Most recently, I felt really good about the set I did at Helium’s Dirty Dozen. That’s the first time I’ve received an applause break. I also had a great time doing stand-up as Mary Todd at History Shmistory.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the St. Louis comedy scene?
I think I just like that we even have a scene to talk about. Any night of the week you can be in a show or go see a show. Open mics, showcases, one-off game shows where you make Chris Cyr eat Vaseline, improv shows, sketch shows. There’s a good quantity of comedy happening that never seems to sacrifice its quality somehow. People put in the work. Also, most of the people in this scene aren’t assholes, so it’s pretty easy to collaborate.

Pizza vs. Tacos? You can only pick one. The one you don’t pick disappears from reality. Which do you pick, and why?
Whichever one will bring my wife back.

If I gave you a time machine that allowed you to visit yourself the day before you decided to start performing, what would you tell yourself?
You don’t have to write brand new sets for every single open mic.

Promote something. Any show coming up? Got a book? Describe your current project. Anything. Self Promotion is great.
I’m performing at The Catalogue Live! in January. Those guys and gals are the best. They have a podcast, which I sometimes appear on. I’m hosting All the Feels at the Crack Fox in February. I am currently planning the return of DECRAPLON: A Comedy Decathlon at the Heavy Anchor.

Anything else you want to say?
I don’t have a wife.