St. Louis Comedy Profile: Bobby Jaycox

St. Louis Stand Up Comedy Bobby JaycoxStand up, improv, sketch, and late night television, Bobby Jaycox has a his fingers in a lot of pies. But does he even like pie? Find out below!

Your Name
Bobby Jaycox

How long have you been performing?
6 years

Who are your comedic influences?
I grew up idolizing Jim Carey. I had most of his movies and recited them to death. Since I didn’t have cable or internet growing up (THANKS MOM AND DAD) I mostly watched VHS’s, SNL and Who’s Line is it Anyway, and the cast of those shows influenced me for most of my childhood.

Dane Cook was the first stand up I ever listened to, and I don’t care what you say now, hearing him as a 14 year old changed everything for me. He definitely turned me on to stand up comedy.

Then I had some friends in high school who showed me Eddie Murphy and Mitch Hedberg, and I realized I wanted to be able to do what they were doing. After high school, I went to see some open mics before I signed up and was blown away by live comedy, in particular: Nikki Glaser, Josh Arnold, Jeremy Essig, Greg Warren and Tommy Johnagin (I know this is a long list but all of these people had large influences on me and my path in comedy). And also, TJ Miller, Rory Scovel, and Bo Burnham.

Tell us about your worst moment at a performance.
I was two years into doing stand up and I was booked on a showcase at a biker bar. The bar was in Imperial or something, where there was only one motorcycle out front and the rest were just regular old cars. The “stage” was in front of a dirty blue tarp hanging on the wall, and just next to an old ass big screen TV. The TV didn’t have a picture but you could totally tell it was still on. By the time I got on stage, I was pretty sure this wasn’t gonna go well. I remember saying something about them not having motorcycles outside of a motorcycle bar, and that pissed them right off.

I do remember them laughing but it was mostly because they all started making fun of me. Then I tried to handle a heckler, because my generation grew up watching “Louie” and we all think we can. So I kinda start rambling at the audience, literally everyone in the crowd hated me by the end. I finished my set and got out of there. I’m pretty sure I spilled someone else’s beer on the way out, but i just kept walking. #bikerbitch

What do you like most about the STL Comedy Scene?
I think St. Louis does a great job of getting other comics (especially ones starting out) stage time on each other’s shows. We are always working on our own stuff in our own way, but for the most part, people in this scene try to make things happen for themselves AND the comedians they are around all the time. I have seen many comedians grow very fast just because a bunch of different people put them on different shows. It’s pretty cool.
But my favorite thing about the St. Louis Comedy Scene by far is the hang. There is nothing like being out late with a bunch of goons after a show just doing bits and being assholes. The best nights in St. Louis are the one’s where you laugh all night with a bunch of people who do what you do,or when you pass out in the back of an improv theatre because you got too drunk and threw up all over your clothes, including your denim vest that never caught on.

Do you want to say anything to the people in the coffee house where I’m typing this?
Do something new today.
Don’t run with scissors, sprint like no one’s watching.
Call someone you love.

Rank the following based on how cool they are. Ninja, Pirate, Zombie, Robot.
Ninja (few things are as cool as a Ninja)
Zombie (The Cranberries knew what they were doing)
Robot (I think one would be dope to have, even just a Roomba would suffice)
Pirate (Thanks for the halloween costumes)

Cake or Pie?
Ice cream cake all day every day! Not really tho, cuz I would get real sick.

Plug something, it’s why we do this.
Follow me on FB, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @bobbyjaycox
Go see Smackdown at Helium Comedy Club. A monthly heckling show hosted by Rafe Williams and myself.
August 27th – My Improv team 50 Eagles (feat. Kate Cole and myself) will be at Two Girls one mic at 1900 Park. BYOB! 8PM
August 27 – My Improv team Burnside will be on the Longform Showcase at The Improv Shop
August 31st – I’ll be headlining The Dirty Show at Helium.
Go See live comedy! Most shows are between $0 – $10. It’s the best.