St. Louis Comedy Profile: Chad Wallace

Chad Wallace is the host of The Comedy Shipwreck, a semi-monthly open mic and monthly showcase in South St. Louis.  His open mic is usually chad wallace st louis stand up comedianone of the most well attended open mics in the scene.

Your Name
Chad Wallace

How long have you been performing stand up?
4 long excruciating years.

Who are your comedy influences?
Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Patrice O’Neal

Describe your worst experience on stage.
Doing a show with a hood crowd, and an even “hood-er” host. The first three minutes went well, until I closed on a joke about my car being stolen with my mom’s remains in the trunk. Dead silence. After that, the host roasted me for 20 minutes.

Describe your best experience on stage.
My best experience on stage was performing a set at a music venue out of town.  Even though it was a music show, the crowd loved it.

What do you like best about the St. Louis Comedy scene?
My favorite thing about the St. Louis Comedy scene, for stand ups, is the speed in which okay comics improve.  They start of okay. Get good quickly. Then, all of a sudden they’re great.

We’re typing these questions up in a coffee house.  Is there anything you’d like us to tell the other people here?
Don’t wash down Mexican food with coffee.

Rank the following  in order of coolness.  Pirate, Ninja, Zombie, Robot.
Ninja, robot, zombie, pirate

Cake or Pie?

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
The Comedy Shipwreck open Mic at The Heavy Anchor, 5226 Gravois. Sponsored by PBR. 1st and 3rd Monday of each month.

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  1. 4yrs….thought u been going longer than that…keep up the good work…btw mexican+coffee…you know i was Rollin..great timing short n sweet…lol
    Thats what u look for in a good comedian

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