St. Louis Comedy Profile: Duke Taylor

Duke Taylor has opened for some big names. He can be seen regularly at the Westport Funny Bone. You probably don’t want him cooking your dinner tonight.

Your Name
Duke Taylor

Your artform of choice? (Stand Up, Improv, Podcast, etc.)
Stand Up

How long have you been performing?
About 4 years

Who are your biggest comedy influences?
Patrice O’Neal, Bernie Mac, Hannibal Buress, Louis CK, Richard Pryor

Tell us about your worst on stage experience.
My worst experience on stage was at a bar show. It was during my first couple of months doing stand up and I was terribly unprepared.

After I told my two good jokes, I was stuck rambling for what felt like three years, but was actually only two mintues. Afterwards, one lady told me keep my day job.

What’s your best on stage experience?
My best experience on stage was when I had the opportunity to open up for Katt Williams at the Chaifetz Arena. I got the call about doing the show maybe two hours prior. The guy on the phone told me I was doing 10 minutes, but when I got there he said 15 minutes. That pushed me to expand my material in a matter of minutes.

It was so dope walking on that stage with more 6000 people in the crowd, and seeing myself on the big screen. It’s the moment I knew this is what I want to do with my life. The best thing about that night was when I got off stage and walked to the place serving drinks. The lady who previously told me to keep my job came up to me and said “Glad you didn’t keep your day job”.

What do you like best about St. Louis’s Comedy Scene?
St. Louis is full of talent, and most of us treat each other like family. With so much talent here, it forces you to become better and try new things. A lot of comics here will take time to give you advice and pointers on sets you may be working on. Sometimes support from fellow comics is just as good as support from fans.

You have 30 seconds to convince someone that live comedy is better than staying home and watching Netflix. What do you say?
Forget watching comedy on TV, watching it live makes you a part of show. Would you rather watch the Superbowl on TV, or be there? Exactly!

Rate the following, in descending order, based on how well you’d do in a fight against them? Candyman, Freddy Krueger, The Girl From The Ring, Chucky

Chucky, The Girl from the Ring, Freddy Krueger, Candy Man

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
I’ve started a weekday morning show titled “On The Way 2 Work” which focuses on my thoughts about various topics. You can see these videos, info on upcoming shows, and funny pics and stats at Duke Taylor on Facebook, and @dukethegreat23 on Instagram and Twitter! A day without laughter is a day wasted!