St. Louis Comedy Profile: InnerGy

InnerGy is the host and creator of Word Up, a weekly open mic that features a comedy competition at Legacy Books.  The open mic is a great time for audience and participants, as it adds a mix of other performance styles to the evening.


Stage Name

How long have you been performing?
2 years

What do you do? (Stand Up / Improv / Sketch / Video / etc)
Standup/ sketch/ improv/ acting/ poetry

URL / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Facebook: InnerGyisEverywhere
Instagram: innergyinme

Who are some of your comedic influences?
Dave Chappelle, Red Fox, Eddie Murphy, Margaret Cho

Tell us about your worst experience performing in front of a crowd.
I was so nervous all I talked about was how glad I was to have been given the chance to get on stage. I don’t remember telling one joke.

Tell us about your best experience performing in front of a crowd.
I was featured in an all female line up for valentine’s day and rocked it. I remembered all of my material and hit all of my punchlines.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the St. Louis comedy scene?
I enjoy how supportive the scene is how every one likeside to help and give advice on getting better.

Pizza vs. Tacos? You can only pick one. The one you don’t pick disappears from reality. Which do you pick, and why?
Tacos. As if guacamole and salsa aren’t enough.

If I gave you a time machine that allowed you to visit yourself the day before you decided to start performing, what would you tell yourself?
You’re going to do terrible, but have fun anyway. Don’t worry about how you look.

Promote something. Any show coming up? Got a book? Describe your current project. Anything. Self Promotion is great.
I host an open mic every Tuesday night. It’s been growing steadily and holding it’s own for 2 years now. Performers are FREE til 7 pm show starts at 8pm you I’ll be guaranteed a good time. I also cohost a show called IDGAF and it’s Jan 22nd at 5249 Delmar 6-9pm.

Anything else you want to say?
I’m quirky and courageous with a warm personality. I enjoy chill atmospheres and love to network. I enjoy all aspects of entertainment and aspire to get better with every performance.