St. Louis Comedy Profile: Libbie Higgins

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Libbie Higgins recently finished in the top three of Helium Comedy’s 2016 Funniest Person in St. Louis competition.  She creates videos that go viral as soon as they hit the web, and the characters she plays sometimes live in infamy.  She was ready for new media before it even existed. On top of that, she still has time to be the world’s most enthusiastic New Kids on the Block fan.


Libbie Higgins

How long have you been performing stand up?
Two years. Or has it been three? I’m going to go with 2.5 years.

Who are your biggest comedy influences?
Chris Farley, Carol Burnett, Brian Regan, Tina Dybal

Describe your worst experience on stage.
My worst experience on stage was my very first time. It was a Sunday, Nick’s Pub, Blues game playing, and many comics from the scene that I admired were there. I had been attending open mics as an audience member for years. I wanted to survey the land (but really I was mortified). I prepared for weeks to do my first 4 mins. No amount of preparation could have prepared me for the visible knee-knocking and Katharine Hepburn shake in my voice. I bombed. There was that uncomfortable silence after the set where no one knows what to say to you. It was the most terrifying and amazing experience ever. I’m breaking out in hives just thinking about it.

What’s your best on stage experience?
See above because I broke the seal.

What do you like most about the St. Louis comedy scene?
There is so much going on in St. Louis! Independent shows, women doing comedy, & Helium Comedy Club! The improv scene is also on fire. There are so many talented people doing great things in our scene.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the people sitting in the coffee house where we are typing this list of questions?
If you hear someone in the bathroom stall and they are being super quiet, chances are they are trying to poop and can’t do it with you in there. Please do your business quickly and GTFO.

Rank in descending order of coolness: Pirate, Ninja, Zombie, Robot
Have you ever noticed on the tv show “The Twilight Zone” they pronounce “Robot” as “Robutt”? Why?

Cake or Pie?
Pie ala mode.

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
Check out my Facebook page at Also watch me on “Rock This Boat” on Poptv Wednesday at 7pm.