St. Louis Comedy Profile: Sorry, Please Continue

received_10100707869890222Hosted in St. Louis by Jeremy Hellwig and Kenny Kinds, and Kris Wernowsky in Cleveland, “Sorry, Please Continue” is a monthly show that’s a hit in both cities. With recent shows in Memphis, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn, this unique story telling is gaining a nationwide audience.

Organization Name
Sorry, Please Continue


Describe what you do.
We are a live comedy storytelling podcast. We have guests  tell stories about a theme, while comedians sit next to them onstage and interrupt with questions and jokes. We do it once a month in St Louis and Cleveland, Ohio.

How long have you existed?
Almost two and a half years.

Describe your worst performance/show experience.
Most of our nightmare experiences have been behind the scenes.  For example, storytellers getting sick or snowed in the day of the show, forcing us to find replacements in a couple hours.

One time we realized our microphones and recording equipment were in the apartment of someone who was out of town on vacation. That was a heart attack.

One show that seemed like it was going to be a nightmare, but actually turned into an amazing episode, was the show we did at Bird City Comedy Festival in Phoenix. We were the midnight show, and the venue was running way behind. We ended up not starting until 1:30 AM (which is 3:30, St Louis time, so jetlag). Then, one of the performers was acting really weird and made co-hosts Kenny Kinds and Kris Wernowsky feel really uncomfortable/borderline unsafe onstage. It ended up being one of our best shows, and you can go listen to it right now (it’s episode 36!)

Describe your best performance/show experience.
Anytime Rob T tells a story. He is consistently the MVP storyteller of the show.

He recently told one about getting fired from a job at a call center where everyone smoked pot, and occasionally people got stabbed. He called the box they give you when you are being fired a “sad box,” and now that’s what it’s called in my mind. It was amazing, and unlike some of his other stories, that one didn’t even involve stealing cars!

Tell us something your organization is particularly proud of.
We just did a show at NerdMelt Theater in LA, and we packed the place. They were impressed enough to ask us back. Also, the storytellers were amazing. It’s the most recent episode of the podcast.

What do you like most about the St. Louis Comedy Scene?
There is more talent here than people realize. There’s a core group of hardworking comics pushing each other to get better, and supporting each other’s projects.

You have 30 seconds to convince a group of traveling salespeople to come to your show instead of heading to a Buffalo Wild Wings for all you can eat hot wings. What do you say?
“You have Buffalo Wild Wings in your hometown. This show is unique. Chain restaurants are supposed to be a fallback for when you don’t have any more interesting options. Choose to have an interesting night.”

Then I tell them the format of the show and maybe point out that my show won’t make their stomachs hurt in the morning.

Plug something. It’s why we do this.
Check out the podcast on iTunes and Google Play. Come to our show at the Heavy Anchor at 8pm on Tuesday, August 16th. We’re also going to be at Show Em Comedy Festival in Columbia over Labor Day weekend.