Stay awake! (Podcasthursdays!)

Fight the afternoon slump by filling your ears with some of St. Louis’s best podcasts.  There’s no shortage of great local shows to listen to, so we’re highlighting a couple each week.  Here are two to fill out your day, and your drive home.

spcSorry, Please Continue is a recording of the live show by the same name.  You not only get a great sampling of local comics, but other performers and individuals stop by to tell amazing stories.   They’re latest episodes are recordings of shows they performed during their recent visit to LA.




WTEWelcome Thru Effingham is a produced by Sketchpad Comedy.  The show follows a cast of characters through a series of misadventures, adventures, mysteries, and intrigues in the town of Effingham, IL, home of THE GIANT CROSS.  We just binge listened to both of the available seasons on a trip to the east coast (where we passed through the aforementioned town), and were impressed with the through line and continuity of the show’s plot from beginning to end.  The voice work and sound production are great, and the cast is delightful to listen to.