Waste Some Time With #STLComedy

Whether you’re sitting in a cubicle somewhere, hiding in a walk-in freezer, or quietly weeping as you sit in a parked car crying over the fact that you’ve been lying to your family about going each morning to a job you were fired from over a month ago, you’d probably rather be doing something else.  Luckily, #STLComedy’s full of people with projects to help you out.

Kenny Kinds sums up the newest Rogue One trailer pretty neatly.  After watching this, check out the rest of Kenny’s work at Trill Ass Trailers.

Ella Fritts: Street Person has a new episode.  If you didn’t get to see the unveiling at last week’s Fatal Bus Accident, here you go.

Still not fully entertained? How about this great promo for Pokemon Go! from Parody Patrol, featuring some of our favorite local comedians.

That should get you through your lunch hour.  Order a burrito to go. You’ll probably need it around 3.