This is the city that gave the world Dick Gregory. You can’t talk about comedy in St. Louis without recognizing the important role he and other black comics have played in elevating the art form.

Every black comic we’ve seen has a story about a run in with police, a neighborhood busybody, racist audience members, or even just people on the street, where things could have escalated in a life threatening way. The same audiences who laugh when they hear about those encounters from the stage, sometimes have a hard time when they hear those same stories in the context of the national discussion on racism.

In the face of George Floyd, we can easily see the faces of our friends, colleagues, and mentors.

As we get close to a time when live shows return, we are committed to promoting a diverse scene, as we truly believe this can help us all understand each other better, and see each other as individuals. It shouldn’t be controversial to say this, and we look forward to a time when it isn’t, but Black Lives Matter.

As you watch the news and what’s happening in the world around us, we hope everyone is having productive conversations about why this is happening. If you have the inclination, this video from Trevor Noah is a good start towards understanding.

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