Author: chris

  • #BlackLivesMatter

    This is the city that gave the world Dick Gregory. You can’t talk about comedy in St. Louis without recognizing the important role he and other black comics have played in elevating the art form. Every black comic we’ve seen has a story about a run in with police, a neighborhood busybody, racist audience members, […]

  • Live Comedy Is On Hiatus

    It probably isn’t surprising, but you should not rush out to one of the open mics on our list (or any other show for that matter). Missouri is currently shut down because of stay at home orders in response to COVID-19. As the state reopens, different venues will have different timelines. So, contact the venue […]

  • Hacked!

    At some point there was a script inserted into the WordPress theme we’ve been using for this site for the last few years. Unfortunately, it went unnoticed and it made it into our backups. The end result was losing all of the old content. It sucks, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, here […]